¿What is a ship chandler or ship supplier?

Maybe you heard the term and did not know what it was or is just simply not truly clear to you. A Ship Chandler is a company dedicated to the exclusive retail sale of boats, that is, they oversee making the connection between the distributors of food, tools, among others that the vessel may need.

Why are the Ship Chandlers so important?

Being a business exclusively dedicated to supplying vessels, they oversee the dispatch acting as intermediaries between the various companies that sell the products that the boat needs, and thus facilitate their purchase, saving them time.

For example, a ship may be requesting meats, vegetables, spare parts, some medicines, and personal hygiene products. It is probable that the meats and vegetables can be found by his own means with a distributor, but this would not be the case for the rest of the products, so different companies would have to be contacted to send the products to the port and in many cases by the usage of boats that go to the place where it is anchored. It may be the case that one distributor is late, the other does not send such shipments or any other problem.

To avoid these inconveniences, the Ship Chandlers oversees the gathering of everything the crew needs before the agreed date and time of attention, to provide a complete service taking the order wherever the ship is. Thanks to the increase in shipping and competition within the market, Ship Chandlers have been forced to cover a huge range of products to meet the needs of their customers without them having to contact many people.

This is one of the reasons why these types of companies are highly regarded among ocean adventurers.

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